Ladies Medium Weight Leather Cowhide Motorcycle Chaps

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Ladies Medium Weight Leather Cowhide Motorcycle Chaps


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  • Made from medium weight Leather
  • Heavy Duty, but Very Soft Touch Leather
  • Zipper Runs Along Side of Pant Until it Reaches the Snaps at the Bottom w/ Flap that Hides the Zipper
  • Mesh Lining
  • Purchase with Confidence from the Internets Ultimate Online Leather Shop

  • Product Code: DL33001
    SIZE XS  S M L XL  2XL  3XL  4XL  5XL  6XL  7XL  8XL  9XL  10XL 
    WAIST 26-34 26-34 28-38 32-42 32-42 32-42 32-42 32-42 32-42 34-44  34-44  36-46  40-50  44-54
    THIGH  19 20.5  22 23  24  25  26  27  28  29   30   31   32   33 

    Measurement Instructions:
    Thigh:t Thigh measurement should be taken approximately 4 inches fromthe top of your thigh or the widest part around. It is best to orderchaps one size bigger than your measurement to comfortably accomodate apair of pants underneath. To hem your new chaps, simply use sharpscissors to cut them to the length you want. Ensure you measure thechaps with the footwear you will be wearing with your new chaps. Wecannot accept returns on chaps that have been cut off.

    Please take into account the clothing you will be wearing underneathyour chaps when selecting your size. Also note that lined chaps will fitslightly tighter than unlined chaps.


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