Alpine Star Balaclava Motorcycle Face Mask

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Alpine Star Balaclava Motorcycle Face Mask


Our Alpine Star Balaclava fits great under your motorcycle helmet. It is printed with high detail covering 360 degrees of the balaclava. 

Whether it is a full face motorbike crash helmet or a mountain bike helmet, these masks will keep you warm and keep the dust out without getting wet through breathing.

Covering the full face and a long neck with a flange at the bottom of the neck so it can be tucked into your top - or left over, ensures that no dust or other objects will affect your breathing (and let’s face it, there's nothing worse than riding with a mouth full of flies or a nose blocked by dust)

Using the unique BLCOOL fabric, which has a 7 times higher "wicking" affect than cotton so it draws the moisture away from the skin to the outer layer where it can be easily evaporated.

So, what is BLCOOL? BLCOOL is a unique system to keep you cool and dry despite how hot you get. BLCOOL has 2 layers, the inside layer is a soft loose knit polyester fiber to absorb the sweat and to aid air flow over the skin. The outside layer has vertical slits to act as a siphon for the sweat allowing it to evaporate quickly with the heat of the body. This causes airflow into the fabric so cooling the skin.

In short, BLCOOL acts the same as your skin does; it uses your own sweat to cool you down!

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