First Manufacturing Mens Classic Biker Style Leather Belted Motorcycle Jacket

First Manufacturing

First Manufacturing Mens Classic Biker Style Leather Belted Motorcycle Jacket


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The Superstar
• Men's Classic M/C Jacket
• Milled cowhide
• Men's traditional belted motorcycle jacket
• Full leather action back
• Half belted for easy adjustment while riding.
• Quilted lining

CHEST 34-36 38-40 42-44 46-48 50-52 54 56-58 60-62 


Very nice jacket

Sebastián on Apr 29, 2019

I saw an FMC jacket for the first time when i took my first biker to an atelier who modified leather jacket sizes, and i inmediately knew that it was an american brand; it was heavy, thick leather. Unfortunately, something like that is very hard to find in Chile because all jackets like this one weren't imported masively. Many years later, i found this jacket at online marketplace, so i bought it inmediately. It has a very new-looking, feels amazing like everyone said. Very warm, and makes you like a badass. Also you know while wearing and looking at it that it's an excellent quality jacket, and it will last very very long. Very recommended.

I went down. This jacket saved me from a lot of damage.

I got hit from behind, went down and slid along my left side. The First Superstar jacket prevented A LOT of damage and road rash. Looking at all the marks on the jacket, it amazes me that I feel no pain and have no bruising from those spots, and the jacket is pretty much still intact and useable. This will be my go to riding jacket from here on out. I'm 5 foot 10 and 160 pounds and had a size Large on at the time. I think I will try a medium going forward since the road pulled the bottom part up a little and I some side rash, but I think that was more because I didn't have the right size on, but other then that, this jacket is incredible

Worth every penney

I bought this jacket at a second hand store. Ive owned it for around a year and I wear it every single day. First, this jacket s ridiculously affordable. The jacket instantly feels amazing on you and you look badass wearing it too. Everyday i get compliments on this jacket. The jacket is warm and has a nice and heavy feel to it. The leather can withstand rain and canadian snowstorms, punk shows and pretty much any other condition, gives the jacket more character :). All in all i love this jacket so much and im sure it will last a long time, and make lots of memories in it.

Man, buy this jacket.

I have always wanted a jacket like this. I finally got the chance to buy this one used. Decided to look up the price new here.

I have had more compliments in this jacket in a few weeks, than I have my entire history of wearing every band shirt I have ever worn x2. It is the most comfortable jacket I have worn to date. The only thing I find is a little weird is the non-chest pockets and trying to put and take things out of them. But with this style of jacket, they are always odd styling.

I recommend this jacket, and this company

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