Fisher F4 Visual and Audio Target ID Metal Detector with 11 Inch DD Search Coil

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Fisher F4 Visual and Audio Target ID Metal Detector with 11 Inch DD Search Coil
  • Fisher F4 Visual and Audio Target ID Metal Detector with 11 Inch DD Search Coil
  • Fisher F4 Visual and Audio Target ID Metal Detector with 11 Inch DD Search Coil
  • Fisher F4 Visual and Audio Target ID Metal Detector with 11 Inch DD Search Coil


Identify Your Target

TheF4 offers several ways to identify your target. The detector's11-segment visual target ID makes it easy to differentiate trash fromtreasure, so you won't go digging for coins only to end up with poptops. The F4 also offers a four-tone audio ID that allows you to 'hear'different target metals. And you won't have to guess the metal typethanks to the two-digit numeric target ID, which offers a 0 to 99 rangethat displays the most likely metal match. The identity features let youhunt even in high-trash areas like parks and ball fields.

Advanced Visual Display

Information is displayed on the F4's easy-to-read LCD screen, which includes amenu-driven user interface. Screen features include a two-digit displaythat shows the target ID number or depth, along with a target categoryreadout on the top that distinguishes between iron, foil, nickel,pull-tab, zinc, dime, and quarter. The display also includes a depthmeter that gives you an idea of the target depth while the detector ismoving, along with a battery life indicator.


Operatingthe F4 is a breeze thanks to the variety of user-friendly controls. Forexample, the notch control lets you ignore selected trash categories,like foil or pull tabs, while the sensitivity controls adjust for soilmineralization and electronic interference. You can also tune outchatter and background noise from mineralized soils with the Thresholdcontrol. Other controls include a Pinpoint mode with numeric depth thattells you where the target is and how deep to dig; an All-MetalAuto-Tune button that gives you automatic ground balance and maximumdepth in good conditions; and a Discrimination control that uses asingle tone to automatically eliminate iron and other unwanted metals.


Treasurehunters will enjoy a fast target response while scanning with the F4,so you can swing your coil quickly and cover more ground. The F4 alsooffers great sensitivity, with the ability to detect small objects up to8 inches deep. And users will love the super-lightweight body andtop-of-the-line balance, which minimize fatigue after a long day ofhunting. Specs include a waterproof 11-inch DD bi-axial search coil, anoperating frequency of 5.9 kHz, and a weight of 2.6 pounds. Designed torun on two 9-volt batteries (included), the F4 carries a five-yearlimited warranty.

Product Description

Fisher Labs, the latest technology from the oldest name in theindustry. Multi-purpose coin-shooting with custom LCD screen. Singlefrequency transmission technology. Operation mode with auto-tune, staticPP notch and discrimination. 8' concentric coil. Requires two 9 voltbatteries.

Fisher F4 Metal Detector Features:

Identify your target:
--11-segment visual target ID lets you differentiate trash from treasure
--4-tone audio ID lets you 'hear' different target metals
--2-digit numeric target ID with a 0-99 range displays probable metal type
Advanced visual display:
--Easy-to-read LCD screen with menu-driven user interface
--2-digit display shows target ID number or depth; target categories show on top
--Depth meter gives you an idea of target depth while detector is moving
--Battery life indicator
--Discrimination lets your machine ignore ground mineralization & high-trash areas
--Notch control lets you ignore selected trash target categories, like foil or pull tabs
controls adjust for soil mineralization & electronic interference
tunes out chatter & background noise from mineralized soils & fine-tunes sensitivity
--Pinpoint with numeric depth tells you where the target is & how deep to dig
--Ground balancing
lets you match your detector to soil conditions for easier hunting
--All-metal auto-tune button gives you automatic ground-balance & maximum depth in good conditions
--Automatically saves your settings; when you turn it back on, get started without adjusting all over again
--Fast target response lets you swing your coil quickly & cover more ground
--Excellent sensitivity; detects down to 8' deep
--Ergonomics: super-light detector with top-of-the-line balance makes it easy to spend the day outdoors
--Adjustable size for grownups and kids
--Can share coils with the F2
--FieldTest Reports 
--Recommended for Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Beach Hunting



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